Host your own Robotics & Programming  class or camp using Home Hacker Camp curriculum and kits!  The materials are available to homeschool groups, schools, after school programs, clubs, camp programs, or anyone that wants to host a class or camp in your own area!

We offer printed and online materials for the instructors, access to video lessons to help get you up to speed, teach the teacher courses, as well as, supply kits that include the robots and other items needed for the course.  Our goal is to empower you to host an incredible class and we want to support you in that endeavor.

Teach & Earn

Anyone who hosts and teaches a course or camp using the Home Hacker Camp curriculum is paid for doing so. We value teachers and know that this is a new field for many of you. We want to support you in this endeavor as it helps the students learn about this critical STEM field, which is our ultimate goal.

Once you sign up as an instructor you will be given access to your online Instructor Portal that you will use to set up your class dates and enroll & register your students. You will receive payment for each student you enroll in your class.

Approximately 1 week prior to the start of the course you will receive the course supplies based on the number of students enrolled: robots, batteries, tape, pins, etc.

Please reach out to us for any questions:

“Teach the Teacher” Course

If you desire guidance on hosting/teaching the course, instructors have the option to participate in a “Teach the Teacher” class to help you get up to speed on the course more quickly!  The “Teach the Teacher” course is made up of two 1.5 hour live, online instructor led courses that goes over the teaching style and instructional manual in detail. This is an optional class. Teachers that participate in the 3 hour course will receive a certification of completion.

In the “Teach the Teacher” course you can ask any question you like to help get you started.

You can purchase the entire Instructor’s Curriculum Kit or the Individual Instructor’s Guide Book

Instructor Purchase options

Each instructor that purchases the Robotics & Programming materials receives the course materials (either printed book and/or online version) and access to the course videos. The course video lessons walks the instructor through every lesson in the Instructional guide. There are over 100 videos.

Instructors may sign up for the live 3-hour, instructor led “Teach the Teacher Course”. The next course is being held July

Instructors can choose which items best suite their instructional needs. The purchase options include:

  1. Hard Copy – Level 1 Robotics & Programming Instructor’s Guide – (Includes Book, robot & online video lesson access)
  2. Online Copy – Level 1 Robotics & Programming Instructor’s Guide (Includes Online book, robot & online video lesson access)
  3. Teach the Teacher Course (3 Hours)
  4. Instructor T-Shirt
  5. Tech Trivia Cards (Coming Soon!)
  6. Student “I Program Robots” T-Shirts
Home Hacker Level 1 - Curriculum Cover  Robotics & Programming Course Materials

Curriculum Inquiry

We are super excited that you are interested in teaching these skills to these young students. Please contact us directly to discuss co-op and group pricing.

We can be reached directly at: or by using the following form.

We look forward to hearing from you!