Computer Science is the fastest growing profession . . .

in the science, technology, engineering, or math fields. Yet only 8% of STEM graduates earn a computer science degree. A tiny minority are from disadvantaged backgrounds.


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Each Home Hacker builds, programs, and interacts with their very own robot which they get to take home and keep. In our classes they also build home based automation gadgets with sensor technology.

At the end of the classes & camps, Home Hackers take their projects home allowing the fun and learning to continue. They have all of the code, skills, software, and components to continue on their learning journey.

Don’t miss out on the exciting, innovative technology classes & camps in Asheville – & online!

“…Our son, Holden, came home from camp the first night and proclaimed that his new passion was “coding!”  And while I confess I know little about what that actually means, I do know enough to be thrilled that he has discovered an arena that may well shape his future!”  
~ Amy R.

“Zach was so jazzed about camp; he just came unglued. Since then he has constantly been on the computer learning more about Arduino.”
~ Stephanie B.

“My son Joseph is on the autism spectrum.  He attended the Home Hacker camp this summer and loved the entire experience, it has given him a new level of confidence in himself and his abilities. His love of robotics and programming has continued and is already thinking about a career in robotics.”
~ Burton B.