Host your own Robotics & Programming  class or camp using Home Hacker Camp curriculum and kits!  The materials are available to homeschool groups, schools, co-ops, after school programs, clubs, camp programs, or anyone that wants to host a class or camp in your own area!

We offer printed and online materials for the instructors, access to video lesson to help get you up to speed, teach the teacher course, as well as, supply kits that include the robots and other items needed for the course.  Our goal is to empower you to host an incredible class and we want to support you in that endeavor.

What’s Included

Written Curriculum

The written curriculum provides step by step instructions with explanations on how and why code works. Click through the gallery to see sample pages.

Instructor/Student Portal

To support your teaching efforts, you will have access to every lesson in the written curriculum has supporting video instruction. This helps you get up to speed quicker and provides you instructional tips! We try to make course prep and organization easy for you. Your students also have access to the portal so that if they miss a class they can catch up by watching the video lesson. We aim to make the best experience for everyone.

“Teach the Teacher” Mini Course

The “Teach the Teacher” course is a an online instructor led class goes over the course structure, curriculum, “gotchas,” lesson plans and more. It also allows you to ask us any question you desire prior to teaching the course. Attendance is optional but is included with your curriculum purchase. Two 1.5 hour sessions (total of 3 hours).

Additional Resources

Additional resources that you can purchase to make a fun and seamless class/camp experience include:

  1. Instructor T-Shirt
  2. Tech Trivia Cards (Coming Soon!)
  3. Student “I Dominated Home Hacker Camp” T-Shirts
  4. Supply kits – Includes all supplies you need for the course including: robots, batteries, tape, marker, balloons, pins (You can buy these through HHC or on your own)

More Info / Purchase

We are super excited that you are interested in teaching computer Science and engineering skills to students. We’d love to talk with you. You can reach us directly at or by calling 828-551-0750. Or by using the following form. Online ordering is coming soon so please reach out to us and we will respond within 24 hours.

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