students work on building robot


Our camps give kids the full hands-on computer science experience.  They build robots, learn the components, write the software and upload to our robots so they see how devices work from parts to completion.  Campers get to keep their robots and have the computer programming skills to further engage with their robots at home.  Often kids come to camp intimidated by technology but leave feeling proud and confident.  We offer three levels of camp:  Level 1, Level 2, Level 3.


Due to popular demand we have begun teaching our Home Hacker Camp curriculum at schools and other summer camp programs throughout the year.  We’ve also made our classes available online for individuals, homeschoolers, private schools or any group learning environment.  Whether you are interested in participating in a class or holding a class, we can help.


If you would like to hold your own programming and robotics class or camp we have made our curriculum available to homeschool groups, schools or those who want to host a camp in your area.