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Does your child know how computer devices are made, how to code, how hardware and software communicate? Arm your child with knowledge today and skills for their future.



There are over a billion devices connected to the Internet. They influence every aspect of our lives: how we communicate, shop, drive, survive in a pandemic, how we get our news, etc. Devices are moving from just being connected to taking action and making decisions for us. Technology is not going away and it is advancing rapidly. All kids need to understand how devices work, communicate, and are built. It is an essential skill for everyone and a career path with great opportunity. We need homeschoolers to be at the table helping make important decisions about how technology is implemented. Have fun, build confidence, and learn a ton in any of our classes. It is an educational experience you don’t want to miss.

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Robotics and Programming One Courses Classes for Homeschool students coops curriculum


You get $50 OFF on any of these online courses: Level 1, Level 2, or Summer Camp!


  • Online Course (self-paced, instructor led or summer camp – your choice) +
  • Robot to Keep (note: level 2 reuses robot from level 1)!

Sale Prices

  • Level 1 Self Paced (Over 100 videos): Reg $249, GHC Price: $199.
  • Level 1 Instructor Led: Reg $295, GHC Price: $245.
  • Level 1 Summer Camp: Reg $265, GHC Price $215
  • Level 2 Self Paced: Reg $229, GHC Price $179
  • Level 2 Instructor Led: Reg $275, GHC Price $225.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Robotics and Programming Classes Camps Curriculum.

2 Course special = SavE $150

You get $50 OFF Level 1 + $50 OFF Level 2 courses + FREE “Catch Me” Game Workshop!


  • Level 1 Online Course (Self-Paced or Instructor led) +
  • Level 2 Online Course (Self-Paced or Instructor led) +
  • Robot to Keep +
  • FREE – Catch Me” Game Workshop

Sale Prices

  • Self Paced: Reg $513, GCH Price $363
  • Instructor Led: Reg $635, GHC Price $485


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Instructor’s “Teach the Teacher” CURRICULUM Kit = SAVE $150

Teach your own Robotics & Programming class or camp. We help you get up to speed rapidly with materials, videos & a live “Teach the Teacher” Course.


  • Instructor’s Course Book +
  • Access to all 100+ Video Lessons +
  • FREE – 3 Hour Teach the Teacher Course w/Certificate of Completion +
  • Robot to Keep +
  • Earn Revenue on Each Student You Teach

Sale Price

  • Reg price: $409. GHC Price: $259


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Matt & Michelle Whalen, VT (GHC Family)

“I was skeptical at first but it is such a solid program and my kids have learned so much . . . They have done Level 1 and Level 2 and am hoping for Level 3, 4 and beyond . . .”

My son Joseph is on the autism spectrum.  He attended the Home Hacker Camp this summer and loved the entire experience, it has given him a new level of confidence in himself and his abilities. His love of robotics and programming has continued and is already thinking about a career in robotics.” 
~ Burton B.

Knowledge Today. Skills for the Future.

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